About Us

The last two decades have seen big changes in professional audio products with speaker technology vastly improving year after year alongside the rapid uptake of digital mixing. Group Technologies has been at the forefront of this movement with its long-standing history in the Australian audio market.

Remaining at the leading edge year after year, our objective is clear: we provide only the best products and back them up with resources and a support network that are second to none.

The team at Group Technologies works long and hard to bring the best brands to the Australasian market. We are so much more than just another wholesaler as we stand behind our people promoting growth, education and progress within the industry. This can only happen because of the team that makes up Group Technologies; real world professionals dedicated to the industry all equipped with extensive experience in various specialities.

In addition to a great team, the best products and a firm, industry proven knowledge base; we pride ourselves on supporting our customers with the following in-house resources:

Technical Training and Demonstration Space

Our training and demonstration room has been developed specifically for the purpose of critically listening to professional audio equipment. The room’s acoustics were developed and implemented by the Group Technologies team and is regularly employed for auditioning and comparing our various brands as well as a training\seminar room for education.

Full Pro-Audio Product Test Facility

Group Technologies is the only Pro-Audio specialist in Australia with both a purpose built anechoic chamber as well as a world-class Klippel machine which is used for testing and reporting Thiele\Small parameters. Our acoustics engineer is busy year round testing our new and existing offerings always ensuring that both we and our brands deliver what is promised.

Sophisticated In-House Support and Servicing

With highly trained staff and a complete range of test and measure equipment, we are able to provide unparalleled servicing and support for all of our brands Australia wide. Among the most important aspects of believing in a brand is having faith not only in its reliability, but also trusting in the support behind the product. Our support specialists will always make sure that you get the most out of all of your products Australia wide.

Tender Evaluation and Preparation Support

Presenting your project solution in the best light is critical in today’s competitive environment. With our sales and marketing departments at your disposal, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best advice, technical information and presentation resources no matter the scope of your tender. We understand that when you succeed, we succeed.

Venue Specification and Installation Support

Realising that every venue has its own unique attributes and requirements, many installations require a custom solution. By incorporating our extensive product knowledge and industry expertise alongside cutting edge simulation software, we can deliver the absolutely best solution whether the venue is a state of the art convention centre or a modest restaurant\bar.

Technically competent professionals with long individual track records in the production industry form the core of Group Technologies. This level of experience coupled with the most reputable brands and a passion for delivering, Group Technologies keeps its clients ahead of the curve and constantly working.

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