Peter Pan Loves Nexo & Quest

Neverland is a huge entertainment venue which opened its doors recently in South Melbourne. The building is uniquely shaped as a hexagon and is already home to numerous corporate events, international acts and heavy club nights. The venue boasts state of the art décor, intense lighting and of course, an uncompromising sound system.

With Neverland built to impress, the quality of sound needed to be first class in every respect. The natural reflections of the room were quite noticeable and the general room tone was overtly bright so some very specific speaker selections and clever placement were needed in order to address the space correctly.

Pro Light & Sound's Stav Hatzipantelis was called in to come up with a custom solution that would meet the requirements of the Neverland owners. Needed, was a powerful and balanced sound across the main section of the venue, two smaller configurations for the VIP rooms, and suitable setups for the three outdoor sections. The guys at Pro Light certainly had their work cut out for them and happily rose to the challenge.

The main section was fitted with 6 x Nexo Geo 12's and 4 x Nexo RS15's per side as well as 2 x Nexo PS15's for stage fill. Throughout this area, 6 x Nexo PS10's were also installed as additional delaystage fills. Another 2 x Nexo PS15's were installed as booth monitors and the entire setup was driven by 2 x Camco Vortex 6, 1 x QPower 10 and 1 x NX-AMP 4x1 amplifiers. Speaker management was also handled by NX242ES4's, and a Drawmer SP2120 was employed for additional speaker protection while PowerWise units supplied steady juice to the entire machine. A big focal point was to have even sound throughout the venue despite its peculiar shape and so to achieve this, the Geo 12's were flown on a specific angle to disperse sound accurately around the dance floor space. The PS-10's assisted in evening out the pockets giving the venue a very balanced volume throughout.

The VIP rooms were also fitted with Nexo PS-8's and PS-10's as well as Nexo LS-400's, LS-500's with Techton amplification. The VIP rooms were considerably smaller and their requirements were much simpler to meet.

There are three outdoor sections to Neverland also and the club opted for 4 x Quest MS801 speakers providing 240W of power, wall mounted and completely weather proof driven by 1 x QA-3004 amplifier in each of the three sections.


Melbourne's Latest Superclub - Neverland

 Above: Melbourne's Latest Superclub, Neverland

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