The Bird Flies with Nexo & RCF

The William Street Bird Bar opened its doors recently in Perth's bustling Northbridge. The venue is a modest size and is run alongside a recording studio by owner Mike O'Hanlon. With a genuine passion for audio and music, Mike decided the venue required the attention of an expert who could get the best result out of his venue. George Nikoloudis was hired to analyse and implement suitable gear into the Bird. As Mike notes, "George was the key guy in selecting and installing gear. George is a local legend, live/studio engineer. He's got a real feel for the strengths and weaknesses of the analogue and digital realms and it's obvious that his main agenda lies in the venue sounding good."

The Bird took on a Nexo PS102 system with two woofers and an NXAmp for its front of house. "The Nexo PS10/2 with the NX amp sounds very good. We're never pushing the amp to its maximum, so it remains very clear even at very loud volumes. Punters make comments about the music being nice and loud without being abrasive, sound guys like the system too."

RCF also found its way into the Bird also. "For fold back, we use ART powered wedges hung up high, basically hanging off the back of the FOH speakers as well as two 'floaters' that we place around the stage as they are needed." Overall Mike is very happy with George’s work and the outcome, "it’s worth spending that bit of time/money on audio gear, people notice good sound, even if it’s subliminal.”


The William Street Bird

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