Mixed Martial Arts Snaps Up Nexo

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) would have to be the biggest perpetuator of the movement. The chance to see some of the world's best fighters duke it out in full contact has started to draw huge numbers both internationally and here in Australia. There hundreds of professional events and organisations around and among them is Australia's longest running MMA competitive organisation the Cage Fighting Championship (CFC). CFC 16 recently took place at Sydney's Luna Park Big Top with fighters from various competitions including the UFC came to the cage to bring the pain.


CFC 16

 Above: The Showtime boys busy with setup. RS15's sit humbly under the cage.


The headline brawl for CFC 16 was between Cuban born, Australian Hector Lombard vs. Canadian Joe Doerksen. With a full house under the big top (approximately 2,500 people), the arena required a world class sound system to satisfy the rowdy crowd of on-lookers. Showtime Productions was summoned for assistance and Managing Director Rob Runko knew that Nexo was the way to go.


CFC 16


4x Nexo RS18's and 8x Nexo PS15's were utilised for the event driven by Nexo NX Amps. There were some restrictions with speaker placement as Rob notes. "No speakers were to be on the floor so we flew the PS15's and rigged the RS15 subs under the cage". The outcome was very positive as Rob put it quite simply. "All were impressed".

To add to the positive outcome, our Aussie Hector successfully defeated his title as the CFC Middleweight champion (which he originally won in 2007).


CFC 16

 Above: When a fighter looks up, those PS15's will be staring down at them!


A special mention goes out from Rob to his team on this gig - Thanks to Josh Moffit Nathan Barnier Patrick Williams and the Showtime crew.

Check out the fight preview video for CFC 16 below!



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