Group Technologies Brings itC Commercial Products On Board

itC is a leading professional audio manufacturer with a focus on practical commercial audio solutions. The range of products include public address amplifiers, indoor/outdoor loudspeakers, conference systems, as well as a broad selection of source units and innovative IP based digital audio networking innovations. These products fill common gaps in the current market.

The commercial audio industry is ever changing, constantly striving to meet the demands of tight budgets and aggressive deadlines. With that in mind, the core principle behind itC is to offer competitively priced products that encompass the latest in technology. The itC range provides solutions to situations which previously required more complex configurations using several devices.

For example, the T-6700 series of products is a cost efficient system of network compatible components in a single system.

Take the T-67350 network amplifier. A 3U rack mountable device which features a built-in power amplifier with a power rating of 350W. Via dual RJ45 connections, the T-67350 is easily installable anywhere on an existing TCPIP network making the requirement for dedicated andor additional control cables redundant. The unit is able to stream audio directly from the Internet and multiple speakers are connected directly to the unit, powered by the built-in power amplifier. This is just one of many products itC offers which simplifies commercial audio installation substantially.


itC Products


Already a trusted name internationally, Group Technologies is delighted to bring the vast range of itC products to the Australian market.

To see the entire range of itC offered by Group Technologies, click here.


itC Products


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