Ayra Studio Monitors Make a Big Impact on Australian Studios

When RCF released the Ayra studio monitor late last year we were all very excited about the concept. For those who don't know, RCF hails from Italy and has been a world leader in speaker technology for the past sixty years. In fact, RCF were the creators of the first portable active loudspeaker. When a manufacturer who leads the way in loudspeakers and amplification decides to move into the studio market, you can be sure it has our attention.

The high end Mytho series monitor was released back in 2010 and it had some amazing feedback internationally. The excitement behind Ayra however has been its price point. Coming in to compete at the mid-market level, Ayra really blows its competitors out of the water performance wise. This has been proven already with our continuous orders of stock and retailers selling out constantly across the country.


RCF Ayra Active Studio Monitors


With three speakers on offer, the 5", 6" and 8" plus a matched 10" sub making up the range, Aussie studio cats should definitely check these out.

We have setup a dedicated site with all the good stuff on the Ayra series including tech specs, pics, response graphs and where to demo them in person - www.ayra.com.au


RCF Ayra Active Studio Monitors

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