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The Soundfield market is certainly one with a lot of potential in the industry today. Due to extensive studies in the area of educational research, it is now general consensus in teaching circles that students, particularly children, benefit greatly when they are able to hear teachers easily without straining.

The situation whereby a student can't hear their teacher has many attributing factors. Amidst the most common are situations where the child has under developed hearing or the individual is diagnosed with a hearing problem (both in children and adults alike). Beyond these, many children may be suffering from ear infections over the course of a school year or simply decide to sit further away from their teachers. The issue then becomes about vocal projection and ensuring the educators voice is dispersed evenly across a room.


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In 2009, the Australian Government issued a press release containing the results of a study conducted by the research division of Australian Hearing, the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL).

The study, headed by Professor Harvey Dillon, concluded that "Hearing problems can apply to any child in the classroom, but is particularly common among Indigenous children".

Experiments were then conducted by NAL, implementing a Soundfield system (such as the Linkx Soundfield solutions offered by Group Technologies). The results showed a staggering increase in the student's audibility.

During the study, professor Dillon found that "the use of sound-field systems resulted in a 41 per cent increase in the rate of attainment of educational indicators during the terms the systems were installed. This was averaged across all children in the classes and across reading, writing and numeracy skills and occurred despite most of the children having no problems with their hearing."



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Additional studies carried out by NAL across Victorian Primary school students showed that at any given time, there were over 10 percent of students suffering some type of hearing loss. This figure alone makes a compelling argument for any educational institution to employ a Soundfield system.


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