Austrian Audio Appoints Group Technologies as Australian Partner

Austrian Audio has brought the handmade microphone legacy back to Vienna. Frankfurt PL+S 2019 featured the launch of two new handcrafted microphones as well as two headphones designed from the ground up.

"I couldn't be prouder of what this heritage team has accomplished in under two years of development and now into full production. This is what happens when you reassemble a team that has decades of experience working together. Austrian Audio will bring back 'Made in Vienna' and will provide the tools to 'Make your passion heard'", stated Martin Seidl - CEO.

Hill Audio Now Part of the GT  Family

The OC818 microphone is the first multi-patterned microphone which boasts the world's first ever wireless pattern and switching controller. This is achieved via the optional OCR8 which is fitted to the rear of the microphone. This powerful tool enables engineers to move through 255 discrete polar patterns. What's more, this all done in the analogue domain without any processing or conversion of the microphone's audio signal. The software, dubbed 'PolarPilot' will be available on both iOS and Android platforms for free.

The OC818 also features a 2nd, additional output that will allow engineers to record each side of the capsule independently of one another. When both capsules are recorded to a stereo or dual-mono track, unprecedented control can occur post recording, using the free (and Open Source) PolarDesigner plug-in (Mac/Win: VST, AU & AAX). Users will have the ability to switch and blend between polar patterns with selectable crossover points.

Two new headphones have also been announced, both sporting a completely custom and newly designed driver which will deliver unprecedented quality. These are due mid-year 2019.

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