DiGiCo Records Remotely

One of the Australian leaders in location recording for radio, television, major music festivals and concerts are Sydney based company Remote Recorders. Working with the cream of the crop that visits the country, Remote Recorders have been recording in the background for years.

Whether it's the Big Day Out for Channel V, mixing Slash for Abbey Road Live, or DVD recordings for Muse, N.E.R.D or Kanye West; Remote Recorders are employed and trusted to deliver flawless recordings every time while it's all happening live.

Remote Recorders recently decided to purchase a DiGiCo SD8 console complete with an SD-Rack and one of their directors, James Cadsky, wasn't shy about explaining the choice. "We have the SD8 running with 2 MADI recorders and has proven itself to be a perfect solution for our live to air and live tracking projects. Building up a broadcast mix on the SD8 is very quick and easy." The choice to go DiGiCo was clear for James. "Sound quality, sound quality, sound quality. And road worthiness."

James also felt a console that was intuitive and easy to use was crucial to their decision given the heavy use of any equipment they purchase. "Ease of use was key for us as the console is frequently used to do live mixes of festivals such as Big Day Out. Sometimes we hire a DiGi-Rack when we require more IO." James summed up his thoughts and feelings about the SD8 quite succinctly also. "Sounds like gold".


SD8 at Foo Fighters

Above: Engineer Anthony The at the Foo Fighters concert on Sydney's Goat Island

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