Red Bull Chooses DiGiCo for Webcast and Recording

In line with Red Bull's continued interest in creative expression, the Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition has been stirring the pot for Australian bands aged between 14 - 19, giving them the chance to win a US or UK recording session and the opportunity to perform to a full house on a world-class stage.

To enter, contestants were asked to record an original track using their camcorder or phone and upload it to the Red Bull site. The band was then responsible for generating buzz around the clip.

The top 8 bands with the most buzz were then sent a full film and sound crew that would broadcast the band's performance over the web from one of the band member's bedrooms!

Melbourne band 'Cruel to be Kind' came in as one of the top 8 bands and Engineer Wil Burston was heading up sound for the very unique gig in a teen's bedroom (sounds a bit odd).


Cruel to be Kind Webcast

DiGiCo has made its way into the bedroom!


The requirements for the gig were to have a light weight solution with very high quality sound and a console with plenty of features given the mix would be a challenge due to the inconsistent acoustics of a band in a bedroom. The system also needed supremely fast connectivity and the ability to record multi-track easily and reliably.


Cruel to be Kind Webcast

Wil Burston setting up the SD11 in one of the most casual environments around... A bedroom.

Cruel to be Kind Webcast


"The separate stage rack allowed for remote inputs with only 1 Ethernet cable needed for connection. Wil was impressed with the consoles speed regarding its interaction with the rack also. "The SD11 has the least amount of latency compared to another other console".

"This is the best small digital console on the market... It's an SD7, only smaller".


Cruel to be Kind Webcast


The performance, mix and live recording all went accordingly and everyone was very happy with the result.

The 'Cruel to be Kind' gig can be viewed on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Website here.

We wish Cruel to be Kind the best of luck!


Cruel to be Kind Webcast

Above: The hand that tweaks.

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