Nexo to Unveil New STM Series System at Musik Messe 2012!

The 'Scale Through Modularity' (STM) Series is NEXO's new proposition for the modern touring and rental company markets; the first scalable modular line array on the market. Its concept combines the best of NEXO Alpha functionality with the technical innovation of NEXO GEO waveguide designs to deliver a system that is both super-powerful, super-flexible and easy to use. Scale Through Modularity (STM) is a revolutionary way to conceive a system, with NEXO describing the STM’s ability to scale up or down to suit event audiences from 1,000 to 100,000. There are four new loudspeaker cabinets in the STM Series, and these will be showcased at PL+S in ‘road-ready’ format, together with new dual-voltage NXAMP4x4 power amplification as well as innovative digital patch bay and monitoring solutions.

On Stand M80, the NEXO ‘village’ will have plenty of entertainment for visitors. The entire NEXO R&D team is coming to town. In a purpose-built lecture theatre, NEXO's engineering team will be making on-the-hour presentations about different aspects of the STM Series project, both relating to its software and hardware. In the NS-1 ‘software café, visitors can experiment with NEXO’s comprehensive modelling software, exploring the performance in virtual environments of the new STM products alongside long-established favourites like the PS Series and GEO S.

Watch this space for more news as we receive it!



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