Falls Festival Ushers In the New Year with Nexo STM

Since 1993, the Falls Music & Arts Festival (or Falls for short) has been one of longest standing and diverse music events in Australia. Beginning as a small one day concert in Lorne, Victoria, the Falls has now grown into a three day event across two locations: the original site in Lorne and the second location of Marion Bay in Tasmania.

Monitor City was in charge of production for the Lorne site and with an impressive line up including Flume, Peking Duk, Ajax, Ash Grunwald and Cosmo Jarvis, there was little denying that a serious PA was in order.


Falls Festival with Nexo STM

Falls Festival 2012 Rocking Out Pretty Hard with the help of Nexo STM


Needing to cater for a 16,000+ crowd of music loving campers, the Monitor City team knew exactly what would be required for an event of this magnitude. Their Nexo STM rig was perfect for the main PA.


Falls Festival with Nexo STM

The Monitor City Boys loving their Nexo toys


A dual array comprised of 9 x M46 and 9 x B112 per side was flown using two pick up points (PTILT) to fly from a scaffold tower. This was from the front and back of the MAIN BEAM to the motors. Then a LEVA HOIST was connected to the bottom coupler/bumper, to compress the array to their correct angles.


Falls Festival with Nexo STM


A total of 12 RS18 subs were also used in 6 stacks of 2 each across the stage. 4 x Nexo GeoS1210's were used as front fill stacked onto the RS18’s.

To power the entire PA, six NUAR racks were used, three per side.


Falls Festival with Nexo STM

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