Moon Mother Builds an Arsenal of RCF

Since 1991, Moon Mother Productions has been offering a complete range of production services comprised of everything AV including staging, backline gear and even event management. Their philosophy is to not only provide the best solution for each event, but to back up their product with personalised service.

Moon Mother Productions

Working with leading Australian brands such as Rip Curl and doing production for Australian icons like Darryl Braithwaite and Mark Seymour, Moon Mother's success is undeniable.

With the help of the guys at Factory Sound, Moon Mother's production inventory just keeps getting bigger and there's no shortage of RCF in their warehouse.

RCF has always been a workhorse in the production industry and as a manufacturer that builds its products from the component level all the way through to the chassis, and all in Italy; the quality of their products is seldom matched.

After seeing and listening to RCF's latest D LINE HDL 20-A line array, they invested in 8 modules.


The HD 12-A's were also a winner for them, adding 18 to their list.




For their sub requirements, Moon Mother couldn't go past the TTS 26A's, taking 8 units also.



Whether it's the European engineering, the industry innovation or the Italian workmanship, there's little doubt that RCF has a place in any serious production environment.



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