Warrnambool Live Audio Revitalised by RCF HDL Series

Tim Edwards is a Warrnambool based audio engineer who recently invested in his own RCF HDL system for use with his live sound business under the banner of 'Tim Edwards Live Audio Production'.

With the HDL series' high SPL, constant directivity and sonic excellence, RCF's line array offering has become a staple in professional live environments. Back in February, Tim made the decision to replace the old PA he was using for Front of House operations; upgrading it to 8 x RCF HDL-20A active line array modules and 4 x RCF 8006-AS subwoofers.

Warrnambool Live Audio Revitalised by RCF HDL Series

A versatile combination with true scalability, Tim says he has been using the system in one form or another for practically every event he engineers. "I like the adaptability of the setup- the option to add more boxes- when for example, a gig that starts off small suddenly calls for a little more power."

Tim recounts a succinct example of the system's versatility in the field; "I usually use a single pair of 20A's for smaller duo or three-piece gigs, but when a local pub act started really stepping up their energy, I could feel the system was going to need more coverage. During a break in the performance I was able to quickly add an additional pair of 20A's to help with energy and dispersion."

Warrnambool Live Audio Revitalised by RCF HDL Series

With RCF's precision transducers, two powerful 10" drivers for solid bass reproduction, a large format 3" voice coil compression driver, and an Active amplification system, the HDL-20A modules are well suited to a multitude of live audio situations. "I love being able to build up two entirely separate systems for different stages if required- and because the units are Active, there's no need to split amp racks."

Tim says he finds added power in the HDL-20A's DSP processing, which can be dynamically altered via selectable presets. "There's just something special about the HF presets- when set to 'Far', the system really emphasizes space and clarity."

Warrnambool Live Audio Revitalised by RCF HDL Series

Whilst rigging any system is always easier with more than one person, Tim says he has been able to rig the RCF modules by himself without much hassle. "Rigging the system is almost self-explanatory. I was working with an apprentice recently and he was able to figure it out straight away."

Tim notes that client feedback regarding the HDL-20As has been exemplary. "Audience reaction has been very positive – especially when paired with the 8006-AS subs- people often mention the transparency and clean low end. The system I replaced had some undesirable rumble in the lows, but there's not a trace of that in the RCF's."

Having engineered music festivals and outdoor events with up to 3000 people, Tim has worked with a multitude of high-profile performers, including Casey Chambers, Dave Hughes, King Parrot, Jimeoin, Tex Perkins, Damien Leith and Sandi Thom.

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