itC System Management Network Software

The iTC T-6700R network software has been custom designed to deliver a complete system management console interface which can control iTC networking devices visually and easily.

itC System Management Software Interface

The full duplex system software provides venue administrators and technicians with the ability to configure a complete digital IP audio system from a single point in the network. The software allows for the simple creation of visual configuration maps providing a clear and concise snapshot of the entire system end-to-end. The T-6700R software is extremely powerful with the ability to restrict features and access at up to 9 levels. It also has the ability to transmit over 1,000 simultaneous tasks giving you unprecedented control over even the most elaborate systems.


  • Full duplex communication system software
  • * Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Compatible with all of iTC's network audio and two way intercom systems
  • Standard TCP/IP communication protocol for industrial applications
  • Parameter configuration centre and administrator management console
  • Built-in software decoder converts analogue signals into digital
  • Weekly timer can be programmed to play musicsound files to designated zones at pre-set times
  • Built-in system status display monitors the operational status of each unit
  • Customisable priority, music, broadcasting or zone paging modes
  • License based software (one license per computer)
  • Completely secure software requires login and password
  • Supports more than 1,00 tasks simultaneously
  • Nine user levels
  • Easily configurable with third party IP based systems such as CCTV, door access systems and home automation systems

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