DiGiCo D1 Live Digital Mixing Console

DiGiCo D1 Live is your passport to the world of digital mixing, in a cost effective and flexible system.

Based on the award-winning D5 Live, the console which broke the mould of digital live mixing, the D1 provides the same outstanding sonic purity and much of its powerful, instantly accessible control, in an even more compact frame and at an Access All Areas price!

DiGiCo D1 Live Digital Mixing Console

The benefits of the D1 Live digital mixing system are as compelling as the D5's in a host of different applications, whether as a superbly versatile, high quality mixer in a fixed inastallation such as a theatre, conference hall or house of worship, in daily action with a midsized or regional rental company, or as the logical companion to a D5 Live.

Either way, you'll enjoy the same tactile, intuitive, hands-on simplicity of the worksurface with its clear, bright backlit TFT touch screens, snapshot controlled fully automated moving-fader mixing, powerful built-in dynamics and digital effects and complete recallability of every function.

The D1 Live's master section, as well as the customary output groups and master fader, provides powerful control of the console's overall setup via a series of pages instantly selectable on the third touchscreen.

5 Ways to Own a D1-Live

DiGiCo D1 Live Digital Mixing Console

For maximum versatility, the D1 Live is available in five main systems to suit different applications, complemented by a range of options which allow you to tailor the console to your own specific needs. All four main systems offer similar functionality to the D5 Live, with remote mic pre amps, studio quality equalisation and effects processing, but in a more compact worksurface frame

D1-Live 48DP

The D1 Live 48DP (Dual Purpose) System Package, which also has a single, 'local' DiGiRack and utilises existing copper multicore, extends the Live 40's facilities with a total of 48 mic/line inputs and 24 IPCs (V4 software). The IPCs give the D1 Live true dual purpose functionality, allowing the console to perform powerfully in both front-of-house and monitor roles, as well as providing an extensive onboard feature set for flexible but space and cost-saving installations in theatres and other live venues.

D1-Live 48DR

The D1 Live 48DR (Dual Rack) System Package takes the D1 Live 48DP fully into the integrated digital domain, the inclusion of both local and stage-end DiGiRacks creating a totally digital signal path between stage and console. The latest implementation of the DiGiCo high performance MADI board in the D1 Live 48DR supports cable runs of up to 100 metres. The D1 Live 48DR includes both the effects system and insertable processing channels for superb functionality as a true dual-purpose (Front of House/Monitor) console.

D1-Live 56EX

The D1 Live 56 Mini-FM System Package is a fully enabled D1 Live system with two D1 Live worksurfaces, a local Mini-DiGiRack and a full stage end DiGiRack, two 100 metre drums of fibre optic cable for a fully redundant digital signal path, and 56 physical inputs on stage. This complete, self contained system does away with the need for a multicore, splitters, line drivers, dynamics processors and an entire effects rack. It offers similar functionality to the D5 Live 56EX but in a more compact worksurface frame.

D1-Live 40

D1 Live 40 System Package, with its 40 mic/line inputs, 64 channels and MADI connectivity, is the perfect addition to an installation or rental system. The 'local' DiGiRack, configured as 40 mic/line ins plus 24 line outs and located next to the console, performs the mic/line input channel conversion and enables theatres and regional audio companies to use an existing copper multicore from stage - creating a direct replacement for an analogue console. The D1 Live 40 is supplied with full input EQ, dynamics processing and onboard effects, 38x8 matrix, 24 VCA control groups (V4 software) and a full effects system, eliminating the need for most external processing.

D1-Live 48Mini-DR

The D1 Live 48Mini-DR (Mini-Dual Rack) System Package includes the same components as the D1 Live 48DR package, except that a Mini-DiGiRack is provided for the 'console end', for applications where a full local DiGiRack is not required.

D1-Live Configurations & Options

DiGiCo D1 Live Digital Mixing Console Controls

A comprehensive range of I/O options allows you to tailor your D1 Live system precisely to your own needs. The options allow for connection with external recording and outside broadcast facilities in either analogue or digital signal formats, as well as interfacing with a wide range of installation systems. The D1 Live 40 and D1 Live 48DP systems come as standard with MADI interfacing but optical I/O is available as an option.


The D1 Live 48DR and D1 Live 56EX systems are fully digitally integrated and offer a choice of MADI or optical interfacing. These can also be specified as dual-console systems, with both consoles, whether at FOH or monitor positions, providing Gain Tracking™. This allows either console operator to change any input gain without affecting the sound balance on either console - Gain Tracking™ is selectable on each channel independently on each console.


The DiGiRack is a 9U-high, 19 inch rackmount unit which provides A/D conversion to and from the console's DSP and effects engines. One DiGiRack contains 14 slots, with slots 1-7 provided for inputs and slots 8-14 for outputs. Each slot handles eight individual connections, allowing a total of 56 inputs and 56 outputs per rack, and the D1 Live system capable of supporting up to four racks simultaneously.

Combi Card

A further option is the Combi Card, which provides 16 GPI's, 16 GPO's and an extra MIDI port.

D1-Live specifications

  Analogue Inputs Analogue Outputs
Quantization range: 24-bits 24-bits
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz:: +/-0.2dB +/-0.2dB
Level linearity deviation 0dB to -90dB: <0.3dB <0.3dB
Phase difference between channels 20Hz to 20 kHz: <2 degrees <2 degrees
Channel separation 100Hz to 10kHz: >90dB >90dB
Total harmonic distortion 100Hz to 10kHz: <0.004% <0.004%
Maximum input level (at unity gain) mic and line: +22dBU  
Microphone equivalent input noise
(150 ohm, 60dB gain):
Maximum analogue gain (mic and line): +60dB  
Mic input impedance: >1kΩ  
All other analogue inputs impedance's: >5kΩ  
Idle channel noise ratio:   <112dB
Maximum output level:   +22dBU
Output impedance:   50Ω
Digital I/O
AES/EBU (w/sample rate converters): 24bit
MADI: 56 channels of 24 bit audio
OPTICAL: 512 channel redundant optical loop
Clock Sources
Internal: 44.1 and 48kHz using a high stability numerically controlled oscillator
External: From any digital, input Black burst 75ohm video, WordclockB Sample range 30kHz to 50kHz
(note: all measurements are made with a 22Hz to 22kHz filter and RMS detector)
Power Requirements
Console: 87 to 260v AC 50/60Hz autosensing. 300 watts max
Audio rack: 87 to 260v AC 50/60Hz autosensing. 150 watts max
Input Channel: Up to 240 mS in 0.65 mS increments.
IPC's: Up to 512 ms in 2 sample increments
Channel Equaliser (IPC Eq has two extra bands with individual band switching)
  High Pass Filter Low Pass Filter
Slope: -12dB/octave -12dB/octave
Frequency range (-3dB): 20Hz to 20kHz (-3dB): 200Hz to 20kHz
  Gain range: Frequency range Q range: Slope
High Band        
Mode 1: Bell +/-18dB 20Hz to 20kHz 0.1 To 20  
Mode 2: High Shelving +/-18dB 20Hz to 20kHz 0.1 to 0.85  
Mode 3: Low Pass   20Hz to 20kHz   -12dB/octave
Upper Mid Band +/-18dB 20Hz to 20kHz 0.1 To 20  
Lower mid band +/-18dB 20Hz to 20kHz 0.1 To 20: 0.1 To 20  
Low Band        
Mode 1: Bell +/-18dB 20Hz to 20kHz 0.1 To 20: 0.1 To 20  
Mode 2: Low Shelving +/-18dB 20Hz to 20kHz 0.1 to 0.85  
Mode 3: High Pass   20Hz to 20kHz   -12dB/octave
  Dynamics Compressor channel and IPC Gate
Threshold range: -50dB to 0dB -50dB to 0dB
Attack range: 500uS to 100mS 50uS to 100mS
Decay range: 10mS to 10S 5mS to 5S
Ratio range: 1:1 to 50:1  
Gain make up range: 0 to 40dB  
Hold range:   2mS to 2S
Gate depth range:   0 to -90dB
Output buss limiter
Attack time: 1 audio sample
Threshold range: 0 to -50dB
Release range: 5mS to 5s

Digico D1 Digital Mixing Console Dimension Diagram

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