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The Power Of P+

The long awaited successor to NEXO’s critically acclaimed PS is finally here.

Excel, performance after performance, with the power of NEXO’s new compact, high-output, point source loudspeakers and sub-bass cabinets. Sonic clarity, reliability and durability are of critical importance in any live sound scenario. Make sure you’ve got what it takes with the P+ Series- built to be versatile in a changing world.

Building on the heritage of NEXO’s previously unmatched PS Series of high performance loudspeakers, the P+ succeeds in redefining what a point source system is capable of, in terms of both power, weight and feature set.

An impressive synergy of sleek aesthetics and exceptional performance, the P8, P10, P12 and P15 loudspeakers employ custom 8, 10, 12 and 15-inch LF/HF drivers in a coaxial configuration to deliver perfect phase alignment, exceptional clarity and a smooth response across the full frequency range. 

Not only offering greater Sound Pressure Levels from point source cabinet than ever before, the P+ series also offers a plethora of system configurations thanks to an ingenious system for varying HF coverage patterns.

Available in mobile and install versions, the curved, low-profile cabinets can be deployed both vertically or horizontally (as a wedge monitor), and feature pole-mounting hardware and rigging points.

The L15 and L18 subs are ideal partners for the P+ Series main cabinets, extending LF performance down to 40Hz and 32Hz respectively.

In one of the most anticipated launches to grace the company’s 40-year lineage, NEXO’s recent release of the P+ Series has heralded a new age for PA technology, with the French manufacturer once again offering a series that is entirely unparalleled. These might be bold claims, but we invite you to listen for yourself at participating retailers across Australia.

Contact any of our professional audio dealers below to book a NEXO P+ system demo.

Learn more about the new P+ loudspeaker series on the official NEXO WEBSITE


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